Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30 - What's On Tap for the Hockey Starved?

Well it's another Saturday here in sunny Bristow and what's on tap for the hockey starved? Just as I was fully prepared to "use" watching a third round match between Venus Williams and Alona Bondarenko at the US Open to put off on yard work, replacing some mulch and putting weed&feed on the lawn, I stumbled onto "Alexander Ovechkin's Top 10 Goals of 2005 - 2006" on the NHL Network. Thank you! Of course it's not commercial free, but it sure beats yard work and it's Caps hockey at it's best. Even if having been there, you know some of those greatest goals came during loosing efforts. My only regret is it's only 1/2 hour show then it's back to US Open Tennis.

I have to say the top 3 (which are really the top 5 since number 3 was Ovechkin's first career hat trick) are all just awesome highlight reel goals. When you realize that as a rookie Ovie scored 52 goals and 54 assists for 106 points, at a time when it's been historically harder to score than say the fast & furious '80's, it's really even more amazing. Of course, number 1 is "THE GOAL" against Phoenix. The comments from his fellow players during this 1/2 hour show really make you understand what a great opportunity Washington DC area hockey fans have since we get to watch him every home game.

Well back to the US Open and in just over 53 minutes it seems like Venus Williams is making short work of Bondarenko, she won the first set 6-2 and she's up 5-1 in the second with Venus serving for the match. As Patrick McEnroe just said "Under an hour and match point" right before Venus wins the final game, set and match 6-2/6-1. During a commercial break from Ovie's goals I caught a 127 MPH Venus Williams first serve ace Amazing, Venus had 19 aces for the match.

Around the Caps "blogsphere" today, it's clear all Caps fans are getting a little restless. "On Frozen Blog" spoke to Chris Clark yesterday and he's 100% and looking forward to the season. Peerless has several "interesting" how they are made videos linked in - hockey pucks, hockey sticks, goalie masks, and hockey skates. At "A View From The Cheap Seats", CapsChick continues enumerating the 64 reasons she loves hockey. Japer and Alexander Ovetjkin are carrying reports that "The Great Eight" has a new love in his life, surprise, she is a tall, attractive, blonde, Russian beauty - Victoria Lopyreva, Miss Russia 2004. To be fair, checking out her website and it sure looks like she is a very smart, attractive, woman who is accomplished in her own right, in addition to being, pardon the expression a "stone, cold, fox." Hey CC, I bet a lot of guys would add #65, "Hockey Player's Girlfriends and Wives." Over at The Red Skate, the article centers on "“Hockey mom” turned VP candidate" with allusion to the fact that a vote for McCain-Palin might be a vote for Hockey fans, especially if Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty also somehow ends up in a McCain administration. So much for the hockey news, even Tarik and Corey don't have much, Corey continues his reviews of the 30 NHL teams and their prospects this coming season if you're into that sort of stuff like I am.

Can't Wait For Next Season; LETS GO CAPS!!!!!

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