Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Long Will The Insanity Last?

Grown men getting paid AND MAKING absurd sums of U.S. Dollars to play that game we hockey fans love to call simply "PUCK" and now with Fehr and Bettman just screwing around, today's musing by me is when oh when will I again be able to watch a live pro hockey game in person here in the Nation's Capital? One wonders will I need to fly to Moscow or Sochi in order to see some hockey the way it was meant to be played by the Amazing Eight (or is it now the Amazing Thirty Two) if I'm to see it "live" before the middle of our current decade? Well at least there's the internet and youtube.

 Oh and for the record Gary Bettman you are truly, truly deserving FOREVER MORE of my "Hockey Hate", this it the third stoppage under your "leadership" and you truly STINK! How anyone ever thinks you are a capable and good Commissioner of the NHL is beyond me. I believe the issue is that the NHL Board of Governors can't agree on ANYTHING and that includes firing your sorry, ugly short, condescending, pompous, self-important arrogant butt.

In case anyone is forgetting what we are missing - here is a reminder: Ovechkin Highlights on YouTube .

As we used to say back in the day at my Alma Mater - "That is all, Carry, On."