Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Round-up of Hockey "News"

First there's really not any hockey news of note today. Around the Caps "blogsphere" there are some interesting posts and articles.

After a relatively long hiatus, dmg has an article at "Caps Blue Line" which I whole heartedly endorse. basically every game becomes a three point game - three for a win in regulation; two for a win in OT or during a shootout; and 1 point for a loss in OT or a shootout. I also like his idea that the first standings tie-breaker become wins in regulation. This way everyone has an incentive to play hardest for the win in regulation, then has an incentive to play for win in OT.

Peerless has started a review and prognostication series projecting the upcoming season for each of the players on the Caps roster. today. He started with Milan Jurcina. "On Frozen Blog" has a neat link to a funny clip from the movie - Slapshot. "The Red Skate" celebrates the return of the fan base to Caps Hockey. CapsChick continues with reasons #21 and #22 of why she loves hockey over at "A View From The Cheap Seats".

Can't wait till next season - - - LETS GO SEASON!!!!!!!

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