Monday, September 15, 2008

Rookie Camp Opened Yesterday

Tarik's blog had a nice post yesterday on the first day of rookie camp, sounds like Karl Alzner, John Carlson and Simeon Varlamov all showed up in shape, ready to play and brought their "A" games. Could be an interesting year for some of the Cap's defensemen and Daren Machesney. That said I'm looking forward to seeing what Machesney does in training camp and believe he will prove to be the real deal this year. Personally I see Machesney and Varlamov in Hershey at the start of the season and Michal Neuvirth on loan to another AHL team, though it's obviously way too early to make any predictions along these lines. The report on Alzner and Carlson is good news even though Brian Pothier has been spotted around KCI in the past two weeks.

Of course the Caps still need to sort out their $2.6M+ over the salary cap issues, and the good news has a flip side in that it'll make the cap overage even larger.

Corey Masisek's blog had one interesting addition to Tarik's note - after the rookies left the ice, 6 peope took to the ice including none other than Mike Green.

The blogsphere is making a lot out of the 25 minutes of "Herbies" that Coach Boudreau put the rookies through at the end of their first two hour workout, yesterday. For his part Boudreau explained to the press that he did this to make a point - according to Gabby there are three kinds of shape a) Juniors Shape; b) AHL shape, and c) NHL shape. Sounds like an extension of his "holding yourself accountable philosophy" and that he plans to continue to put his imprint on the post rebuilding Caps. It also sounds like a great way to make sure that you minimize injuries during the season - that is start the season and play every game, all year long, "in game shape". It also sounds like the veterans who are all showing up plan to show up ready to play and intend to bring their "A" games, too. For my part, I'm recalling, that Football camp tradition of "two a days" to whip yourself into shape and build teamwork and "esprit de corps".

Well, once again I left with the same feelings and conclusions. You guessed it. My overarching feeling after musing on the Caps this morning - I really can't wait till I get the chance to go to the "Phone Booth" and Rock The Red on October 11th (that's just 26 short days away). My conclusion:

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!

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usually frustrated caps fan said...

For all who don't understand go_bears' comment, there is a bit of a rivalry between my Alma Mater - the US Merchant Marine Academy and the US Coast Academy.

@ go_bears: Well resisting the easy and ever propular though not overly mature response of "Oh yeah, I know what you are, but what am I" since I'm not Pee Wee Herman (thank goodness). I'll only point out that on this past Saturday the scores were:

Mens Football:
USMMA wins The Secratary's Cup in a convincing fashion. USMMA held the overall advantage in total yards (418-300), passing yards (278-191) and rushing yards (140-109). The Mariners also led in the turnover department with two giveaways and three takeaways. Doesn't that make it 4 of the last 5 years for us KP Mariners.

Mens Soccer:
The United States Merchant Marine Academy Mariners handed the United States Coast Guard Academy Bears their first loss of the season, 6-2 on Saturday afternoon in Kings Point, NY. Senior Kyle Luetjen led the Mariners offense with a hat trick and one assist. The Mariners have now won five straight games and have scored six or more goals in the five games.

Womens Volleyball:
USMMA falls to 3-2 overall while USCGA improves to 2-6 overall.

You got me, I agree, I am "gay" your bears women's volleyball team rocks. I sure wish my son had wanted to go to Coast Gaurd instead of my Alma Mater... NOT.

Go Mariners!!!