Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sixty Degrees and Clear In August - You Have to Love This Weather

Well when I arose this morning and let the dogs out here in Bristow, VA it was "just a tad over" sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Sixty degrees, clear and low humidity on August 10th in Northern Virginia?!?!? I am not complaining, the weather this summer has been quite nice. In fact this is probably the nicest summer I've seen since we moved to the area in 1996.

There's a lot to like about the weather this summer. Here's my list:
1) The occasional days where we've not been above 85 degrees has mad it fair less humid and "muggy" than usual. I hate "muggy" days.
2) We've had enough rain and the temperatures haven't been so sweltering so here we are in August and with only minimal watering, our lawn is "NOT BROWN" as opposed to other years where by August 1st, immense amounts of watering has been required to keep it from being "MOSTLY DEAD". In fact many areas of our lawn are basically still green.
4) You can actually sit outside and enjoy the evenings a lot of the days so far this summer.
5) AND THE BEST ONE - The best part of this fall-like weather is it reminds you that the opening face off of the 2008-2009 NHL Season is just 55 days away when the Rangers play the Lightning and the Penguins face off against the Senators over in Europe on October 4th.

Can't Wait Till Next Season - LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!

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