Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Still August - Hockey News? - Not So Much...

There is not even a little hockey news today - the big story is that you will need tickets, all be it free tickets, to get in and watch the Caps - Flyers Prospect Game at Kettler Center this year. The details are on Tarik's "Capital Insider" Blog as well as the Cap's Official Website.

Even the stories on TSN's site aren't too interesting and definately aren't any sort of major news. Finally if you are like me you have even gotten tired of watching reruns of the 2007 and the 2008 playoffs on the NHL Network. August, no Hockey, no Football of note, no Basketball of note, Olympics now over, no Baseball that matters if you are an O's or Nats fan so to some degree I just decided to return to my roots and cheer the Philadelphia Phillies on since they are 1/2 Game Back of the dreaded NY Mets, and there is the US Open for tennis this week. But in reality what am I thinking about besides work now that my vacation is over?

I can't wait for the Caps 2008 - 2009 season to start.

Do you think Bruce Bodreau would mind if I stopped by to see him at KCI on my way past the place going home from work next week to get a hockey fix. Would he chat with us all (I'll be your proxy) what would you ask "Gabby". I'd ask him how great it felt to finally make it to the NHL and show everyone what a great coach he is? I'd next ask what he bases his system on, and thank him for making the game so much fun to watch here in DC by letting the "young guns" play fast and furious hockey instead of the dreaded "Trap". What would you ask him if you could do so?

Can't Wait Till Next Season --- LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paul R said...

Hi Mark,

Nice to see you back. August is the cruelest month for us Caps fans, for sure. But relief is just around the corner.

I would ask Bruce a couple of things--first, what does he do for an encore? Win the Stanley Cup, I guess. Second, what kind of season does he project for my main man, Alexander Semin. Of course, I love the other Alex, but I have always been mesmerized by Semin's talent. If he is healthy and engaged I think he can score 50 goals and maybe lead the league. A dream, perhaps, but if August is good for one thing it is good for dreams.

I look forward to your blogs over the next several months.

Paul R