Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not Much News for the Hockey Starved But - CLARKIE'S BACK!!!!

Per Tarik El Bashir over at Capitals Insider, yesterday, Chris Clark returned to the area and "he joined teammates Brent Johnson and Boyd Gordon for his first informal practice of the summer in Arlington. Clark appeared at ease when skating top speed, turning sharply and shooting (more on this later), though he did back off during the start-and-stop skating drills at the end of the session. No cause for concern, he said, he was just being cautious." Like Brent Johnson, I too think that the return of Clark is good news for the the Caps and for all Caps fans. Now that's about it for hockey news and the thoughts on it. These are the boring days of summer when it comes to hockey news and right now I can't wait till camp starts next month. And I really

Can't Wait Till Next Season --- LETS GO CAPS!!!!

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Dan, Jr. said...

That is good news. We sure do need Clark to be healthy this upcoming season. And I'm right there with ya. I just can't wait!