Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bettman's Gimmick - On the Rise and Having Too Much Impact on the Standings

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Through the games completed on or before Tuesday Night (11/25) NHL games, there had been 80 games decided in either overtime or the shootout so far this year. That's 80 of 308 games or just shy of 26% of all NHL games to date this season. With the increasing parity in the NHL today due to the salary cap, more games are being decided using the new "3 point game rule," that is that in a game that isn't decided in regulation time three points are awarded 2 to the "winner" and 1 to the "loser." That means so far this season their are 13% more standings points in the "point pool" then there otherwise would be in all games ended in regulation.

Before the advent of the of this post lockout rule changes, since by conventional wisdom we Americans don't like ties (I guess we're all like Donavan McNabb?), a game that ended in a tie in regulation time was indeed a tie and the two teams basically split the available points. Conventional wisdom today by most who follow this situation seems to be that it is the loser who is getting "the extra point." Being a "purist" - self proclaimed purist that is - I maintain that since in the "good ole' days each team got a point when the third period buzzer sounded and the score was tied, it is the "winner" who is getting the extra point, and in effect winners in regulation are penalized over time since there is nothing better about winning in regulation then winning in extended play. I further maintain that these extra standings points are, in part, why at this juncture of the season twice as many teams are on track to amass more than 100 points this year (10 teams) then last season (5 teams).

As such, my suggestions is that ALL games be worth 3 points, winners in regulation getting all 3, and when a game goes into extended play the two teams split the points, 2 to the winner and 1 to the loser. I also believe losers in regulation should still get no (as in Zero) points despite all discussions about potentially helping the 5 teams with the worst NHL records with some sort of 1.4 trillion point bailout between now and the end of this season.

What do you think? Write Gary Bettman Now and tell him you are for the universal implementation of the 3 point game if you agree!


Time to "Rock the Red" and pound some "Bluebird" tail.....

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