Friday, November 14, 2008

Back "On the Beat" In Time for A Hockey Filled Weekend

Well after a hectic week that has kept me away from hockey and the blogsphere since Tuesday, it’s a home and home two-fer for your hockey weekend against the New Jersey Devils, and thanks to my friend Jim, we'll be at both games. Tonight, we'll be at the Phone Booth in my seats in section 103 and tomorrow we'll be in two of Jim's 4 seats up at "The Rock" in Newark. Please stop by and make fun of Jim's team if you'd like tonight, yes he is a Devils fan, and while it might not be that sporting to make fun of his team given future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur out, it is a relatively easy thing to do. As in addition to being a friend, Jim is also a customer of ours at ICx Technologies, I don't get to take as much advantage of this opportunity as I might, but that's no reason you shouldn't do so. If you follow our company you know we announced our quarterly numbers yesterday, and we achieved some really cool milestones in our young life. So while missing the occasional hockey game and spending a large part of my waking hours focused on ICx Technologies, can at times be less fun than watching the Capitals, it continues to be a really fun place to be and work and we're all starting to feel a sense of being part of something notable around these parts. That said it will be fun to put my professional brain predominantly on the shelve for the next 48 hours and immerse myself in watching some of the best, most exciting players in the NHL put on two great games.

In fact, this is the first home-and-home of the fall season, these types of things tend to pose special needs and fuel rivalries. Of course with both the Caps and the Devils at least a little bruised up this ought to be interesting. I'll try and post some original thoughts and observations from both these games each of the following two mornings. Until then -

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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