Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's Not to Like? or I See Red People, I See Red People Everywhere!

Well as Caps Fans, "y'all", what was your favorite thing about tonight's home game against the Hurricanes? There was just so much to like. Here's my list what's yours? In really no particular order:
The easy thing to like - the final score.
Second easiest - 5 wins in a row. Will the Caps win out - it could indeed happen.
Others - Alexander Ovechkin's 63rd goal - a turnaround, blind slapshot on a rolling puck.
- Brooks Laich's goal - getting the powerplay going early.
- Matt Cooke's goal - the first of the game to get the Caps into a grove.
- Christobel Huet's stellar saves, there were many.
- Alexander Semin's powerplay goal to get 'Canes coach Peter Laviolette going "apoplectic" and probably useless from that point through the rest of the second period.
- Huet's "check" on the breakaway to stop a 1-0.
- Alexander Ovechkin stepping up when Staal made the tap of the stick on Huet.
- The defense being able to step up after Shoanne Morrison went down (possibly the only thing not to like).
- The fact the Caps outshot the Canes 39-22, yes Cam Ward is "that" good, if it weren't for him this game could easily have been 8-1 Caps.
- Bruce Boudreau not loosing any of his composure when there was bad calls against the Caps?
- Ted Leonsis wearing a Red Jersey instead of a suit - nice duds Ted, I would have been disappointed if you weren't in Red after that autodial phone call to the Caps faithful I got.
- The atmosphere in Verizon Center, especially the M-V-P chants for Ovie?
...Anyway I'll do an analysis tomorrow, I just enjoyed this game so much I wanted to post early and say I haven't had this much fun watching a pro hockey game since I was a kid in Philly and the Flyers won THE CUP. LETS GO CAPS!!!! I think the Cup will look good rolling down F street with the team.

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