Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back on the "Beat" - Lovin' Life

Well Day 2 at the office after a great vacation is just winding up. I'm now caught up on email and listening to the Caps on the radio while wrapping up day 2 in reality. So far I've decided that for tonight at least that Briere guy is a pain in the neck if your a Caps fan - anybody else agree.

I happily watched Game 1 via satellite in the salon of my buddy's 58' sportfisherman at Chubb Cay with another hockey fan who had fished on a different boat that was also berthed there. After the game he took me down the dock to meet a guy who he was fishing with - Hall of Famer Denis Potvin, formerly of the NY Islanders and now the color commentator for the Florida Panthers. We talked hockey for 3 minutes and fishing for 5 more before I returned up the dock to "our boat". Now that was a great night. A great day of fishing; an awesome steak dinner with fresh tuna shashimi for the appetizer, some 2000 Bordeaux, a Caps Playoff victory and a nightcap of 1963 Coheleto Port to celebrate the fact my son will follow in the footsteps of myself and the 4 college buddies I was fishing with at the USMMA next year. Can you say - LETS GO CAPS!!! I sure could.

Anyway, I'll get back to reality fully tomorrow - 5 days with great friends, on a great boat, fishing in some of the best waters in the world left me in mental utopia till now. The third period just started and the Caps are still down 4-2. LETS GO CAPS!!!! otherwise I'll soon be hearing it from my buddy Gary - once and always a Flyers fan who thinks me a turncoat.

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