Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks For a "Great Ride" this Year Caps!

Disappointed? Heartbroken? Yes I am. Thankful to the Caps - all of them - heralded and unheralded for a great, fun to watch season (since Thanksgiving) - absolutely. Tonight, everyone will point to one call (or lack thereof) as the reason the Caps lost. I agree the second Flyers goal probably shouldn't have counted but that's not why the Flyers won. Martin Brion's play in the third period is why the Flyers won. Brooks Laich handled his post game interview right on - that's exactly why the Caps will go even further next season, perhaps all the way - no excuses, taking responsibility for their actions and the results of them.

Now on to next season, today I got a partner for my seats next year. This is great news since my son is off to college (USMMA) in July and I have less reason to use them. Nothing but my own selfish love of going to games, which probably wouldn't have resulted in me buying the full season. Since I now have a partner for half the games, I'll gladly keep my seats. I know it's hard to look that far forward this soon after such an emotional loss for most fans but I'm already excited since the Caps have shown so much talent, promise and drive for the past 4 1/2 months. Looking to the return of Pothier, Clark, and Nylander - all of whom are signed and will be healthy, along with the great depth and play of the rest of the lineup is really energizing.

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