Monday, April 21, 2008

Bruce Garrioch Gets It Wrong Again - Big Surprise

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge Ray Emery fan - I'm for keeping either Kolzig or Huet before picking up Ray Emery.

That said how can you blame a guy who didn't play since the trade deadline for the Senator's "first to worst" slide and brief, four (4) game series against the Penguins? We're talking about a team of well paid, driven, professional athletes; can the then second string goaltender really be such a big distraction that he's the cause of all the Senators' woes over the last two thirds of the season? The issues Garrioch takes with Heatley and Spezza's play and the reverence for Alfreddson, in addition to the wasted venom for Emery, also seem a "little" misplaced to me. The Senators need some major changes this off season. Thankfully for those of us who are fans of teams that regularly compete with them, broad change doesn't appear to be the sentiment of Ottawa's management or main stream media. So once again, surprise, Bruce Garrioch gets it wrong - now this column is a bit presumptive - "doncha think so too?"

Tonight - Caps at Flyers - Game 6 - Win or Go Home for The Caps. Hey Garrioch take a look at the crowds in Washington's Verizon Center - still think DC isn't a hockey city deserving of Alexander Ovechkin? Well, as you can imagine Mr. Garrioch, those of us, who consider ourselves Hockey Fans in that other capital city in North America, really don't care all that much how you answer the question. Two more wins and the Caps will definitely not be playing golf before May, while your revered Ottawa Senators, will likely have well established 2008 Handicaps before "Alexander the Great" and his mates hit the celebrity golf circuit this summer. LETS GO CAPS!!!


Dan, Jr. said...

Personally, I find Ray Emery entertaining. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I can't help but feel he's their better goalie.

I'm thinking tonight's the night Alex "Don't Stop Me Now" Ovechkin puts one (or more) in the net.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

Dan: I agree with you talent-wise Emery is the better goalie but with emotions factored in and the fact he can't buy a break from the Ottawa Media he's history there. He'll get a chance somewhere else for a a fair salary is my prediction - that's what makes Garrioch's article worse - though James Mirtle points to Gaolie as a place where he doesn't see a lot of free agent action this off season. Also Ovie got a beuty tonight but Biron stole one for the Flyers. It's been fun while it lasted.