Friday, April 25, 2008

Poetic Justice?

Last night I got a email from my buddy Gary, a Flyers fan and USMMA Classmate. He just wanted to let me know he now knew how we Caps fans probably felt after Game 7. For those not following the Flyers - Canadeans series, last night the Habs beat the reincarnated Broad Street Bullies 4-3 in overtime. It seems that at 18:51 in the third period, Mike Richards, got what Gary (a swimmer, sailor, and avid Penn State football fan in other words a man wholly unqualified to be a surrogate NHL official) feels was an unwarranted 2 minute minor for "kneeing" when Richards' knee didn't make contact with anything other than air. The Canadeans' Alex Kovalev scored the tying goal at 19:31 forcing the game into overtime. Then early in the OT period at 00:48 Tom Kostopoulos, scored the game winner for Montreal.

This may make some other Caps fans feel good and garner some "poetic justice" however, for me, I've now moved on and am rooting for a Flyers - Sharks Stanley Cup Finals. For those wondering the Flyers are now down by 1 game to the Canadeans and tonight the Sharks open their semifinals series against the Dallas Stars in the San Jose "Shark Tank". I'll be watching Versus looking for my friend Pat and his son (Shark Season Ticket Holders) during the breaks in the action. In my heart I'll still be thinking about next year though - LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!

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