Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving & the Caps Have A New Coach

Well, I'm up watching the Macy's Parade on the tube and cruising the blogs only to see it didn't take long - today's headline "Capitals Name Bruce Boudreau Interim Head Coach" So we fans who were looking for something to change the chemistry got it. Again I fell I need to say I think Glen Hanlon is a class act and will go on to be a good NHL coach elsewhere - he's just not the guy for the Caps today. The first 3 games of this year were magic - hopefully in a couple of days we'll see that magic starting to return. That said there will likely be more moves we all wonder aloud about as the Caps now have a long road ahead and will be taking things one day at a time. It'll also be a while before any major changes in how the Caps game plans are executed since until Dec 2 they won't have time to run anything of major different in practice so let's all give this some time.

Oh and let's give Ted and the ownership some space and let up on them too. This "fascination" about his vacation plans, etc. is just plain wrong. A couple of points:
1) In this Wired/Web 2.0 World, he doesn't have to be at every game to stay involved and in touch. Look at his bio - he has lot's of investments and interests including the Caps that He's clearly very actively involved with - today is the information age and physical presence in the same room to make things happen - who can say "Webex"? I bet all of the Caps Front Office and Ted as well as all the other principles in Lincoln Holdings can. Finally on that point how do you think 5 guys in Toronto review every goal scored in the NHL every night before it's declared "official" and annouced in any of the playing arenas, if they aren't "actively involved" in the games...
2) Just because he owns the Caps doesn't mean he can't have a family and a larger life - I know if I had achieved as much as he and the other owners have I'd want to enjoy an arrary of things in addition to the Caps. These guys are keeping much of the pro sports scene in DC viable, if you think they are in it for the money you really don't understand how many other things are easier to make money (either from on-going operations or asset appreciation) than owning an NHL or WNBA team.

Happy Thanksgiving! Our Christmas Cactus is blooming; it's a windy 66 degree day here in Bristow, VA and I was just told I have to roast the turkey. I generally do the meat and poultry and my wife makes the sides and desserts, for occassions like this. My idea of being lazy and going to Cracker Barrel got shot down yesterday. I also have some work to do after we finish dinner early this evening to get ready for a fun but busy week next week.

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