Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caps Tonight (Home Loss to Atlanta)

Since I thought we'd be out of town I sold my tickets for tonight's game vs. Atlanta so I watched on the tube. I also cruised the other blogs that I look at (Japer's Rink, Ted's Take, etc.). The Caps, like most things in my life these days, perplex me. Alex Ovechkin and Olie the Goalie are awesome and the Caps have so many other really great players this season but, for whatever reason, 25% through this season they aren't clicking as a team. The Caps are the only DC team I'm a die-hard fan of; for the most part I hold to my childhood teams, particularly the Eagles - talking about perplexing teams; and the Phillies. For the NBA I really don't have a team for whatever reason I never got into the 76ers - don't get me wrong I don't mind watching a game - who can't enjoy watching the giants in the sport of basketball light up the courts, especially during the playoffs when they don't just give 100% but are all putting out 110+%? (and the Wizards are a fun night out) But I digress - tonight's caps game - why do they do "that"? - you know what I'm talking about - that seemingly, of late, inevitable ~10minutes of every game where they all (the Caps) seem to not be "there" and the other team just goes crazy. One minute they're in the game and starting to look like the team that played the first three games this season and then 5-10 minutes later they are down by 2 or more goals and someones in the penalty box to boot...

There will no doubt be more "soul" searching but from the outside looking in one can't help question the preperation especially looking at the stats and the unending changes to the lines, and the lapses in efforts by the defense.

I'll keep coming, if for no other reason than to see the magic Ovie and Semin can do with a hockey puck and hockey stick and to see the great saves and determination of Olie the Goalie. Also the Caps are a class organization and of all pro athletes NHL players in general and the Caps in particular are just great corporate citizens of their communities and basically good examples to kids. But wouldn't it be a lot more fun to go to the Verizon Center and watch them win more often and with this team of super players why can't we have that kind of experience more often.

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