Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another day begins -

Well today is one where I'll finish 4 or 5 things before a hectic week starts on Monday. Then this evening it'll be watching the Caps again on the tube. My son is working again and like I mentioned in earlier posts I thought we'd be out of town so I sold my tickets to tonight's game. I thought of buying another but since I'd be going alone that didn't seem like as much fun. So it'll be Monday evening that I'll go and see the Caps live.

Whatever happens in this evening's game I hope it'll be as fun to watch like yesterday and of course I hope the Caps win - I figure they need to average 3 out of 4 over the rest of the regular season. I won't get too down on things if they don't go on a 10 game tear; there's too much parity in the league with the salary cap for that unless everyone is healthy AND Olie get's really, really hot. Also with all the goal scorers in the SE it'll not be likely that a 10 game streak occurs. That said I still think this team can do it and of course I'm rooting for it - yesterday was the first time in my 47 years I ever hollered at the TV rooting AGAINST the Flyers. Boy do I remember their first Stanley Cup the run to it and the parade after it. Some day we'll all have that feeling on F street together and then DC can wrest the title "Hockeytown" from Detroit. What the heck our violent crime rates are both similar - pretty bad - so why can't both our hockey teams be good (I just want ours to be better).

The Caps and Canes are both coming off 4-3 wins last night and both will be looking for their next victory. I wonder what we'll see today. I'm kicking myself for selling my tickets but I really thought I'd be fishing or playing golf in Myrtle Beach today not sitting at home working. Why do I want to see the game tonight - a lot of reasons but I think this sums up one of 5 reasons I have season tickets from the mouth of former Flyers Coach Ken Hitchcock: "If I lived in Washington, I'd pay whatever season ticket price just to watch Ovechkin play. To me, he's a special player who comes around once every 10 years, He's unbelievable." A couple of points - 1) I'm not suggesting a ticket price increase, in fact I'm really, really, glad there isn't one and don't want one at all. 2) This is not a dig on anyone else - the Caps have lots of good players/weapons - it's just Ovie is really a lot of fun to watch and theres some chatter on the blogs that yesterday wasn't his best game - to that I say go back and watch his fore-checking and back-checking, and intensity - he controls the tempo most of the time he's on the ice and did so yesterday. 3) Ovie is usually at his best in big games and tonight is a big game - wouldn't surprise me to see him to get multiple points and/or goals as long as they keep the Ovechkin-Kozlov-Clark line together it has real chemistry.

Predictions: a) Johnson in goal; 2) Backstrom stays on fourth line but does even more PK duty, especially if Caps take some dumb penalties; 3) Eminger in for either Shultz or Jurcina or he's really being shopped on the trading block (Personally, I hope he's back in the lineup); 4) Even though Semin is listed as day to day he stays out tonight and the rest of the week; 5) Nylander-Fleischmann skate even strength shifts together and do well; 6) Ovie-Kozlov-Clark paly together and Ovie has an awesome game; 7) Caps PowerPlay unit is same as yesterday and scores at least 33% of the time (okay the makeup is prediction and the result is hope); 8) Pettinger finally scores and breaks his drought; and finally 8) (as much hope as prediction) Brashear gets another Gordie Howe hat-trick (1 Fight; 1 Assist; and 1 Goal). Not my usual style but I predict the final score Caps 5 - Canes 3.

Okay back to work till 7PM. Yesterday, I got a few things done and further down the road but still lots to do. Today will be the day I close a few more things out. I generally lead a pretty workaholic, uneventful existence and today will be one of those days. My tasks at hand are pretty straight-forward -get a couple of proposals together and also do some "strawmen" for discussion of some key topics for a meeting I'm hosting later this week with ICx colleagues from around the country on our product and technology road map. This will be interesting and fun but the challenge is always wanting to do everyone's good ideas and not having enough time to do them all as fast as we want.

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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