Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy Day Ahead - No Caps For Me Tonight

Well, another day - another dollar as they say. Too bad I'm busy tonight, I'll be with my son at his interview board to see if he can get one of our Congressman's (Tom Davis) nomination for admittance to my alma mater. I'll be pretty busy today with work things so don't have a lot of time to reflect on the Caps prospects tonight but I'll be rooting for them. That said if they keep playing like they have in the last too games I'm sure sorry I'll be missing their third win in a row. Anyway because of my schedule conflicts and late breaking changes I gave my tickets to....

In any case, in the words of my former high school pals - how 'bout them birds (of course I'm talking about the Eagles) okay so they didn't win last night but they sure put a scare into the NE Patriots and in NE's own house with a backup quarterback to boot. Also for those who don't see it the title this morning is meant to be a play on "No Soup for you!" from Seinfeld, of course if you needed this explanation my setup was really lacking.

Now it's back to the real world of chasing business and figuring out product plans here at ICx Technologies. I'd talk more about that part of my life, if I could because (to me) it's an amazingly cool place to work with lots of smart people but since we've recently gone public and are in a quiet period so there's not much I can say about it for a while, except for LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1) Tonight will be another test for the resurgent caps as they play another team on an up swing.
2) The Sabres are looking for consecutive win # 5, and like the Caps have beaten some good teams along the way.
3) The caps win tonight could propel them very well and back into the fray of the East. A win against the panthers on Wednesday. Then anything can happen. Right? LOL

Shmee said...

Good third point. If the Caps can get a streak going and stick to it, I think the East is open enough for them to still squeeze in.