Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crazy Day In A Crazy Week

Another crazy day for me; I arrived home last night and caught the last 4 minutes of the Caps game. It was sad to see we couldn't get our third in a row but it seemed like the team was still playing hard and the crowd was stil in the game. I did get to see several (i.e. three) scoring chances and I was pleased to see the Sabres did not get any empty net goals. I will be at the Panthers game tommarrow and am looking forward to it. TYhat's something I wasn't sure I was going to say a week ago so I'm still optimistic.

It's been totally crazy here (just grabbing lunch at 2:30) so I haven't had a chance to look at the blogs or Game recaps other than last night when I saw i missed anoth Ovechkin goal. Was it amnazing or just a normal Ovie score?

My son felt he did okay at his interview and life is still good in Bristow. Work is challenging and busy so I need to get back to it. Hope everyone else is having an interesting, good,m fun day as well.

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