Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Kings Point Retrospective - KPWDC Holiday Gala

Last evening we, the entire clan (Cindy, myself, our son Chris and my father in law Howard), attended the Kings Point Club of Washington, DC Annual Holiday Gala, at the Army Navy Country Club in Fairfax, VA. It was a nice, enjoyable (as always), well attended event. Our son Chris, Class of 2012, along with two other midshipman, Kaitlyn, Class of 2011, and Charles, Class of 2009 all spoke briefly of what being at the Academy today was like for them. Otherwise, the entertainment consisted of a broad age range of graduates (1951 through 2007) socializing and singing a short list of Christmas Carols that included, dutifully for us Kings Pointers - the Kings Point Alma Mater.

The high point of the evening, for me, was when I made another Kings Pointer from my era's evening - Vic, Class of 1984 - when I found out he and his 16 year old son are Caps fans. Vic and his son Patrick are now speeding up I-95 on their way to the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, clad in their Red Capitals Home Sweaters to watch today's game (a 1PM start) and hopefully see the Capitals extend their winning streak to 6 games in a row. I hate to see good hockey tickets go to waste, the fact that Vic paid me for them this morning before leaving the DC Metro area is truly "just gravy".

Last night's events were a testament to both the Kings Point experience and the surging appeal of the Washington Capitals and NHL Hockey. Last night, the Kings Point experience and its enduring traditions enable communication and socialization across at least 4 generations of USMMA graduates and their families. Watching 20 something Kings Pointers socialize and related to 70 something Kings Pointers and all clearly enjoying the company of one and other always amazes and delights me. It's a big reason, I am so pleased to see my own son on a path to join the "fraternity." The fact that on short notice, actually no notice, the Capitals fan base now includes so many people in the region who can't wait to see them play is a testament to the great effort that the entire Capitals organization has made and the success they have achieved.

To Kings Pointers everywhere - Happy Holidays - Fair Winds and Following Seas - and "Acta Non Verba" always.

...and of course .... LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!

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