Monday, December 15, 2008

Keeping Track of Former Caps - Brian Sutherby to Dallas Stars

Former Capitals Center Brian Sutherby has been traded from the Anaheim Ducks to the Dallas Stars. Suts has been having a fairly low key but solid season so far this year and apparently with the decision to NOT have Sean Avery return, the Stars are seeking to add more grit to the line-up without adding anybody who would bring any distractions to the locker room. The 26 year old Sutherby was always a solid citizen and great role player, looking to do whatever his team needed when he was here in Washington. Good luck in "The Big D" Brian.

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Dan, Jr. said...

Sutherby was one of my favorite Caps players while he was with Washington, for the same reasons you stated. Glad he will be playing for what I see as a more respectable (less dirty) team, now that Avery is out.