Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Blog or Not To Blog

Over the past two days I've been contemplating whether to continue blogging, self-censor certain topics, or continue to pretend I am ignorant to the risk of chronicling my life in a "putting it out there manner." My thoughts on this were prompted by a TV report/piece the other night on people whose lives have been adversely affected by blogging, whether it's because of the risk they took sacrificing their privacy and putting any of their life and identity on line for all to see, or the fact they occasionally or more have blog contents that include details about their work/professional life.

Since in my professional life I am involved in business development for my company and basically have a pretty ingrained agenda of working hard to always present my employer in as positive light as reality allows, I really don't have a lot of issues on that front. Though I confess my recent research has made me even more circumspect in that regard.

The privacy issues and the possibility that I might occasionally rant about something and be "a little stupid" are of greater concern to me. While I am by nature a middle aged, pretty conservative guy, when I originally started blogging I had my full name in the header, something I've since taken down after my son pointed out the privacy issues I was inviting. Even though I've been involved in the technology industry for over 25 years, I can and often am actually far more naive then members of the generations which follow my own and who have grown up surrounded by the wonders of the web, facebook, etc. So I've been wondering a lot about things regarding "blogging".

Fortunately for me, my main gaffe early in blogging was taking a swipe at a MSM person who didn't deserve it. My blogsphere readers quickly called me on it and upon reflection I posted a clarification and apology in subsequent articles. I usually don't comment on anything or anybody in a negative manner anyway; unless from the vantage point of a Washington Caps fan, it's an especially bonehead type of piece or opinion of an MSM sportswriter that hasn't really thought things through, or is most often ignoring facts. When it comes to work or professionally related topics, the things I write tend to fall into two categories: 1) shameless promotion (sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle) of what my current employer is doing or 2) general commentary/analysis of industry trends or general economic trends that are affecting the industries we operate in. I've decided that in the future other than an aside as to how the pace of activity at work affect my out of work activities, my postings that mention my employer, ICx Technologies, will indeed continue to be limited to those two topics/perspectives. Since before I thought/mused about this sort of thing I acted in that manner, this wasn't a hard decision. As far as "Life Approaching 50" and matters concerning my family, I confess that in the future I'll likely be lore circumspect and work harder to alias details to further protect my own privacy and the privacy of those around me. As far as postings/musings on the Washington Capitals and the other interests of my life outside of work and family, I will continue as I have in the past, though probably focus on my own opinions, impressions and analyses more than commenting on the thoughts and actions of others. Here too this is just a natural continuation of where I was/am going. As for my postings on politics, other than continuing to publicly state I am a self-proclaimed moderate, I will likely limit my postings severely. I'm doing that for two reasons, 1) I've looked at them and 2) don't feel they've been that good, well-thought out or interesting (call that a natural result of my views, in that moderation is by it's very nature pretty boring).

Anyway that's what's been on my mind other than work and the first weeks of life as a middle aged, empty nest couple these past few days.

Can't wait till next season. LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!


joeponcakia said...

Hi Mark,

FYI...I am a ICXT shareholder. Because of that I have "ICXT" listed among my many Google alerts. That is what brought me to your blog. You should be aware of this.

Post with the assumption that ICXT IR is reading your blog as well.

Good luck, I'll be reading.

usually frustrated caps fan said...


I always have and I always will. I too am a shareholder and very dedicated to the ongoing growth and success of ICx. Truth be told the drive to make ICx sucessful and to share in its success is what drives the larger part of my days and actions.

Thanks for the feedback & input.


joe poncakia said...

Did you happen to catch the piece that CNBC did on the Mexican Border that mentioned ICXT in a very positive manner?

The focus was on the Mobile Cerberus towers. That was when I first became aware of the company.

Here is a link to the segment.

usually frustrated caps fan said...


Yes that was a nice piece.