Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Official - Godzilla Goes To Tampa

Long Time Washington Capital Olie Kolzig Signs One Year Deal With Division Rival Tampa Bay

It's official, after 19 years, including 10 seasons in a row as their number 1 goaltender, long time Cap Olie Kolzig signed a 1 year, $1.5M (+ incentives) deal with Cap's division rival Tampa Bay Lightning. Kolzig could well be a perfect fit for what the Lightning needs in the net. The Kolzig signing compliments the numerous other deals Tampa Bay has made over the past two weeks and the Lightning will be a strong team, in what will likely be the most improved division in the NHL next year. With the moves made by Tampa Bay, the basically stable Carolina Hurricanes, as well as the coming of age of the Washington Capitals, the Southeast Division has three teams that could easily be predicted to make the playoffs, while no one should write off the Atlanta Thrashers and even though it appears the Florida Panthers will do some rebuilding next season, they won't be pushovers either with an improved defense.

The best place to track free agent signings is probably here - there is just too much going on to cover here and when the dust settles some real analysis can be completed on what it all means.

Can't wait till next season. LETS GO CAPS!!!!


DMG said...

I don't see Tampa contending for a playoff spot - they're going the same route they always have, too much emphasis on forwards; not enough on defense. But then, if Smith or Kolzig exceed expectations, you never know.

I do, however, think Florida is pretty good and if they can pull things together, I think they'll have a shot.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

dmg: I agree TB is overweight on O and signiicantly underweight on D but I'm a sentimental fool and am rooting for Godzilla to have at least one last career year - except when they play the Caps...