Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some Hockey News But The Big Sports Stories Yesterday Was In Omaha, NE

Torres Surpirses At Omaha Swimming Trials; Phelps Could Break Spitz's Record In Beijing

The really big news in sports yesterday happened at the Olympic Trials, sure Tyson Gay falling and getting hurt in the 200M track race in Eugene, OR was news but since it looks like all will be well for him in the 100M for Beijing, the real news was in the swimming trials in Omaha, NE. Whether you think the big story is Michael Phelps winning five individual events at the trials, setting two world records and going for 8 medals at the Olympics, Katie Hoff qualifying for 5 individual events and competing for 6 medals at the Olympics, or 41 Dara Torres winning two qualifying events and going for two medals at her 5th Olympics, you have to believe the top sports news story of the week occurred in a pool at Omaha, NE. Since both Phelps and Hoff are local heroes (Baltimore), DC area sports fans can take comfort in knowing they're rooting for locals to make history in China this summer. As for Torres' performance and achievement, it does indeed transcend her sport and, almost regardless of how she finishes in the Olympics, there is no doubt she has already become an icon and celebrity that draws universal praise. The sight of a 41 year old mother with her 2 year old on the pool deck after winning the Olympic trials for the 50M freestyle in American Record time, is something that won't soon be seen again. The Olympic Swimming events are sure to be well watched and exciting looking at the team the US has going to the event. Just 5 weeks till opening ceremonies - the US has a lot of solid athletes going to these games in lots of different events. Go red, white & blue!

On the local hockey news front both Tarik and Corey have blog entries and stories about the recent filings by Brooks Laich and Shaone Morrisonn for arbitration and the signing of Matt Cooke by the Pittsburgh Penguins. At this point that means that Laich and Morrisonn are out of the RFA eligible for offer sheet pools and that if they don't reach mutual deals with the Caps in the next two weeks the arbitration process starts. If they go to arbitration, they'll then get one year deals with the Caps as decided by those proceedings. RW Eric Fehr is expected to accept his qualifying offer and C Boyd Gordon could do the same. These events are all probably good news for the Caps and could mean there will be enough room under the salary cap left to bring back veteran superstar Sergei Federov like young gun, fellow countrymen Ovechkin and Semin would like to see. While it "ain't over till its over" so far this off season seems very well played by the entire Capitals front office.

[Ed Note] Looking ahead to this coming week is exciting for us here in Bristow. On the professional front events keep moving forward at ICx Technologies and reasons to be optimistic about continued excellent growth despite a trying economy continue to emerge and mature. No looming proposal submission deadlines this week, though there is still lots to do on four projects we continue to pursue, so just the usual hectic pace. Our son Chris reports to the US Merchant Marine Academy on July 10. That's first thing Thursday morning so we'll spend Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday in New York before dropping him off at Kings Point to start his four years there. This is just all so weird, I've pondered all this before but I sure don't feel like I thought I'd feel about this sort of stuff 20 years ago. Perhaps 48 is the new 28? I'll try and stop by Kettler for the afternoon session of development camp tom arrow before we head up to NY on Tuesday. If I do I'll try and take a few pics of the Caps prospects and post them Monday evening. I don't expect much news from the Caps on Laich, Gordon, Morrisonn, Fehr or Federov this week and I'm just not into following the "What will Mats Sundin do?" rumours and news so postings here for the next couple of days will likely be more about Life Approaching 50 and the USMMA then about the Washington Capitals or even ICx Technologies.

Can't wait till next season, LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!

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