Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So... Today's Hockey Musings ... They Are Pretty Random...

1) Has the NHL imposed a salary cap on the pay of the Awards Ceremony/Show Host? If not why in the world have they selected and scheduled Jay Mohr? Just wonderin' - though definitely not surprised that Buttman and Team get this sort of thing - wrong.

2) SBN's FTR (From The Rink) blogger Mike Chen takes exception to the Pittsburgh blog Pensburgh defending Marc-Andre Fluery. Wow, let's hear some trash talk and then after High school they can duke it out across the street from the senior's parking lot. Seriously, siunce when do we go to read FTR and instead of insight and commentary we get a guided tour of the posts in other blogs - of course only ones that are posted elsewhere on SBN. Blatant sellout commercialization of what used to be the pinnacle of Hockey Blogs - Mirtle should speak out on this abuse of his child too. Okay - yes Mike Chen if the dudes over at Pensburgh won't meet you and beat you after school, I'm up for it, but I think they should have first licks.

3) So the rumour mill says that the Bruins are happy with the number two pick. I take that to mean one of four things: 1) They don't care whether they end up with either Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, 2) They know who Edmonton is going for and they like the other guy as much or better. 3) They are indeed clueless and ignorance isw bliss. OR 4) They have a deal pre-negotiated with Brian Burke and the Maple Leafs to trade down with the Leafs overpaying, ridiculously for whatever it is Boston choices to give them that includes the number 2 pick. Me, I'm thinking it's likely 85% #1 - Boston could use either Hall or Seguin, 14% could be #4, and even up 1/2 of 1% for either #2 or #3...

4) Who needs an ECHL/AA Level Affiliate anyway... of course how weird would it be if they shared affiliation with the Devils of Trenton, me if I was Glen Sather I'd co-affiliate with Toronto and the Reading Royals if I wanted to keep my affiliate local. That said how likely is it that you bring someone up to either the AHL or the NHL in a rush from your ECHL affiliate? So why not Johnston - to be Greenville - in co-affiliation with Minnesota, like Scotty says? Of course if your okay with co-affiliation and you want to stay close to "home Base" why not the Elmira Jackels whose NHL affiliate is Ottawa?And just because of the double entendre' that goes with their name for me - why not the Wheeling "Nailers" in co-affiliation with Pittsburgh? I mean after all I bet those guys would know what to do with Sean Avery's savory, I mean sloppy, seconds....

5) If you haven't found "Better Living Through Bradley" yet - take a look. It brings some insights I find often bizarre to the table, but it's in my favorites list and I always look. I guess for me it's kind of like that bad thing inside me that drives me to rubber neck long and hard at any car accident that calls for the "Jaws Of Life" as part of its aftermath. Though I do agree that the Caps management should insist or at least incentivize Brooks Laich to grow some hair again.

6) In Tampa Bay, GM Steve Yzerman, made his first signicant move after taking his new job and issued 10 qualifying offers to Tampa Bay's Restricted Free Agents. StevieY and the Lightning gave qualifying offers to: Steve Downie, Blair Jones, Martins Karsums, Teddy Purcell, Jaruj Simek, Paul Szczechura, Nate Thompson, Mike Lundin, Vladamir Mihalik, and Paul Ranger. It was rumored that of the three RFAs that TB let go: Chris Lawrence, Radek Smolenak, and Lauri Tukonen, the only one that gave Yzerman, the guy who didn't think a two time Norris Trophy candidate was good enough to represent his nation as one of six blueliners, pause was Chris Lawrence. It's believed that Yzerman confused Smolenak with another "Radek" who went to the KHL - Radek Bonk formerly of Nashville whose face Yzerman finds ugly and immediately decided he "didn't want none of that" when he got to Tampa. As far as Tukonen, Yzerman opted to let him go because he didn't want the turmoil that would be created by having a guy with "a girl's name" in the same locker room as Steve Downie who is known to have total lapses of self control, along with any sort of judgement at times.

Well I guess it's time for dinner. Like I said just some randomness that is very slightly hockey related for musings today.

Is it October yet?


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