Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicago Wins Lord Stanley's Cup in OT; 2009 - 2010 Hockey Season Almost Over

Well, history was made last night, the Chicago Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup in a victory 49 years in coming. They did so thanks to a goal in overtime off the stick of a young talented hockey player from the blue collar/rust belt town of Buffalo, NY who, thankfully for his family's sake and well being, doesn't have to try and make a living doing something hard, like counting out the right amount of money required to pay for cab fare. In any case, I figured it out, Marian Hossa is NOT a jinx - it's me, the quickest way to have your hockey team lose a playoff series is for "moi" to be rooting for them.

In other big, important NHL news, it was great to see the Chicago Blackhawks in the form of one Adam Burish be so sportmanlike and magnanimous in their victory. You know, showing such respect for their opponents and all - heaping praise on them and their skill, etc. I am of course talking about - this. I am disappointed, I mean I know Pronger may be the most hated guy in the NHL by his fellow players, but I thought Burish was/is classier than he acted here. I mean it's not like he's some sort of overpaid blue-liner tying up over $7M of salary cap and clearly not even being one of the top two defensemen on his own team since he generally isn't trusted by his own coach to be on the ice in tight situations when it really matters. Or a defenseman who clearly plays up the "whinny" "B" angle/card running around saying I got hurt by a cheap shot by Ovie and then going out and laying questionable hits all over the ice himself. Oh wait a minute, I'm talking about the same guy, forget whichever of these two statements you disagree with. Of course if you disagree with both of them, immediately apply for the General Managers job of the New York Rangers as the Blackhawks have a couple of stupid contracts, I mean great players, they'd like to talk to you about before the start of next season. It's also not like he's the most overpaid goaltender in the league who negotiated a sweet deal after the best 20 or so games of his career and then hasn't done squat for his team since he got the deal. No, I thought Burish was one of the guys I liked on the Blackhawks, I still do, but I am finding myself a little more reserved in my feelings about him after that smart PR move. Of course I am glad to see more and more guys around the league start to say what they really think rather than giving us TV viewers the same, bland, canned, perfect meaningless non-insights to NHL hockey that routinely come from guys like Sidney Crosby.

On the other hand, Hockey is still being played in the AHL and the Hershey Bears have come back and regained home ice advantage - wooo whoooo - okay I'm still not into the fact the Caps got eliminated so early this post season. Sue me.

Anyway, we can now all guiltlessly begin thinking and talking about next season, even though it's not September yet. Oh and congratulations to the Blackhawks on a solid series and a solid set of playoffs. I also want to go on record, if Christobel Huet does "the right thing" and donates his Stanley Cup ring to charity so they can auction it off for a good cause, I'll get off his case. I think he should don't you - after all he did play all of 20 minutes in this years playoffs - talk about deserving of glory and accolades ...

On that note - Thank you Jose Theodore, I hope you land somewhere that appreciates you next season.


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