Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Musings ...

Wow, it's Saturday June 19th and it's going to be a hot, humid day here in scenic Bristow, VA. Real hockey news is basically a little slow and of course there's lots of other things to muse about right now. Of course being slightly hockey obsessed means I'll have a few hockey related musings today mixed in with musings about just how much water I have to put out there to keep the cattle pasture type grass we call lawns here in Northern VA from turning all brown and looking and feeling like dried straw. I of course will have intermittent, random musings about wingman's imminent return from being at sea half-way around the world in Singapore and Thailand in a couple of weeks and wondering if it will be in time for our Fourth Of July Bar-B-Que/Soiree. But for the most part putting any more than "that" out there about "that" doesn't seem all too interesting. In fact it's a bit counter-productive with regard to keeping my mind off those things so the time passes faster. So what about that ice hockey stuff anyway.

Well let's take a quick tour around the "blogsphere."

First RLD has their posts up about the three Norris Candidates with three different bloggers explaining why the think each of their choices for the Best Defenseman in the League should win. I found the Doughty related post uncompelling and a bit "Homer McFanboy" of course this could be because I think Doughty is the #3 guy of these three and probably shouldn't be up there as a finalist except for the fact the committee was too embarrassed to nominated 39 YO Nicklas Lidstrom, again, and as far as Mike Green goes, I'm a bit of a Homer McFanboy myself. I found the Duncan Kieth post generally well done, except the tribe sidebar comment as to Mike Green being basically a "forward" since I don't know too many forwards that log his TOI or block 150 shots in a season. Penalizing a guy because: a) the game has changed, b) he's a great skater so he frequently joins the rush and c) as a result of a & b he's been putting up points in addition to being his teams number one defenseman, seems as foolish as saying that Kieth shouldn't be nominated since he's not even the number one defenseman on his own team if you look at current season salaries. Of course I found any minor flaws in the post about Mike Green were significantly overcome by the conclusion of the post.

There's some chatter that the Dallas Stars might do a portion of their training camp up on Prince Edward Island. I'm all for it, I've been meaning to go to PEI since I was fourteen and this would give me yet another thing to see and reason to go in August which is supposed to be the most beautiful time of year up there.

The blogsphere continues to talk about the Halak trade and most folks continue to wonder what Montreal was thinking... at least here's some fodder for Hockey Humour out of it though.

Well the good news is that this coming week the NHL rumour mill ought to really get going as we lead up tothe Draft....

Is it September yet?


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