Sunday, December 6, 2009

If Every Game In The NHL Were Worth 3 Points - Week 10

It's time once again to look at the alternate universe were a win in regulation gets you 3 points, a win in extra time/the shoot out gets you 2 points, and a loss in extra time gets you one point. So as of the completion of tonight's, Sunday, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) games here's what the standings would look like.
Eastern Conference:
Western Conference:

So where's the differences?
Well in the Eastern Conference, the Caps would still be leading the Conference and the Southeastern Division, and Pittsburgh would still be in second and leading the Atlantic Division, Sabres would be in third by virtue of leading the Northeast Division, instead of the Bruins who only have won 9 of their 16 games in regulation. The Devils would still be in fourth and the Atlanta Thrashers would be in 5th place instead of 6th while the previously mentioned Bruins would be in sixth. In 7th and 8th in the Every Game is 3 standings we have Ottawa and the NY Rangers, instead of Ottawa and Tampa Bay.
In the Western Conference, San Jose still leads the League, Conference and the Pacific Division, however, in second we have Colorado vice Chicago or Calgary by virtue of the 14 wins in regulation for the full 3 points. So in the three point standings its 1) San Jose, 2) Colorado, 3) Chicago and 4) Calgary vice the current method where it's 1) SJ, 2) Chicago, 3) Calgary, and 4) Colorado. In both the three point and real standings 5th and 6th place in the West are: Los Angeles and Phoenix. However 7th and 8th in the 3 point standings are 7) Vancouver 8) Nashville, but the current official standings are 7) Nashville and 8) Dallas. The cause of the juxtaposition being Vancouver's 14 wins in regulation which are as many as anybody else in the league.
So doesn't this scoring system make more sense to you than the current system? Sure does to me.
Next up for the Washington Capitals will be Tampa Bay for the first time this season at the Saint Pete Times Forum tomorrow night.

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