Saturday, December 26, 2009

Caps vs. Devils Tonight at Verizon Center; If Every Game Were Worth Three Points Week 12

The Caps take on the Devils tonight at Verizon Center in a match up of Eastern Conference heavyweights. It's gotten pretty crowded atop the Eastern Conference as the top four teams in the Conference make a move to separate themselves from the rest of the conference before the Olympic break. The Devils are currently in first place with 53 points in 35 games played (0.757); their division foes, the Penguins also have 53 points but have played 38 games (0.697) and so are in fourth. The Capitals are in second place with 52 points in 37 games (0.703) and the Buffalo Sabres are in third place with 47 points in 36 games (0.653). There is currently 4 points between the North East Division leading Sabres and the fifth place North East Division Boston Bruins who have 43 points in 36 games (0.597); while the sixth place Atlanta Thrashers have 40 points in 36 games (0.556). So tonight two of the four Beasts of the Easts face off in DC; a contrast of styles and a good game should be at hand. Both teams come into the game rested and ready to execute. The Caps are looking to win their third game in a row, while the Devils come into the game riding a 5 game winning streak and having just helped Martin Brodeur achieve his history making 104th shutout. Wingman and I will be "Rockin' the Red" in Section 103 and hoping the Caps finish tonight in first place in the Eastern Conference for no other reason then it will mean the Caps had a two point night and took on the Devils - one day and one game at a time.

Before we finish this blog post up in traditional fashion it's time for the "If Every Game Were Three Points" - Week 12 Edition. Remember in these standings a win in regulation is worth three (3) points; a win in OT or the Shoot Out is worth two (2) points; and a loss in the OT/SO is worth one (1) point; a loss in regulation is of course a goose egg - zero (0) points. So here's what the standings would look like going into tonight's games:



I really don't think any commentary on who is where in these rankings versus in the actual standings at this point. Over 20% of the NHL's games continue to be decided in overtime and/or by the shoot out, and there has been some discussion of doing away with what is erroneously being classified as "the looser point." I couldn't be more against something in hockey then making taking an opponent to a tie in regulation worth nothing. The problem is this whole erroneous idea that it's the "looser" whose getting the extra point - that's because it's the "winner" who is getting the extra point, not the looser. What really needs to happen is that if you want to address this whole debacle properly is to make every game worth the same amount of points - three (3), and if a game ends tied in regulation you split the points. then things would make sense again - the way they did back when teams who finished a game in regulation in a tie, split the points. It's quite simple isn't it? If anything as things stabilize in this post salary cap era more games will go to OT not fewer. If you want the world to make sense then just agree that a game ought to be worth three points - every game.

So now it's time for us to get ready for tonight's game...


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