Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dollar Dogs!!! Dollar Dogs!!! and the LitterBox Kittys...

Whhhoooo Who! It's dollar dog night at Verizon Center tonigh and I'm a going. I'm a going to Dollar Dog night at Verizon Center tonight. Sooo cool.

Sorry for the digression and I don't know why I always seem to really like this promotion. Yes, I'm "okay:" with Esskay frankfurters but I'm not crazy, I'll have two and be very satisfied and happy but I'm not a maniac during these nights like I see some folks with four or so of the little beasties. I guess it's just knowing that I'm inside a sports venue and actually paying less for somethign to eat then I would normally pay for it outside the venue - that could be considered a sad commentary on my now middle aged existance I suppose. It's not that I'm cheap or not cheap, I prefer to think of myself as thrifty vs. "cheap" these days vice the "proflagate" I was in younger days so I suppose that's part of it but a very small part. No I think it's just appreciating this particular promotion and the fact everyone in the phone booth seems to enjoy it. Kids get hot dogs from their folks who might not otherwise spend the money for the dog so they seem happier. Their parents seem happier I suppose because the kids are happier. And I just appreciate the whole thing so want to really enjoy the game.

About the game, it's against the Florida Panthers. a Southeast division "rival" if there are such things in the NHL's "youngest division". The Panters are in 13th place in the Eastern Conference, the Caps are in first place. The Caps are 16-5-6 overall; 8-2-3 at home and 6-2-2 in their last 10 games. The Panthers are 11-12-4 overall; 7-6-1 on the road, and 4-3-3 in their last 10 games. The Caps average 3.48 GF/game and 2.89 GA per game (+0.59 G/Gm); the Panthers average 2.85 GF/game and 3.41 GA/game (-0.56 G/gm). This should be solid outing for the Capitals but the Panthers are often decieving, first thing to note is the Panthers record this season so far is much better on the road then at home, The second is that Panthers Tomas Vokoun has been known to steal an occassional game though he needs to get a better warning from his team mates the next time teammate Keith Ballard decides to immitate this guy:

However he need not worry, I had an extra ticket tonight and since there isn't an LA Lakers Home game the older guy said he'd come with me to the game in case his services and expertese are needed:

I ran across this guy and thought he was a swami so he and I meditated on it and our prediction for tonight is:
Caps 4, Panthers 2.
Even though without seeing who actually is going to play that's nothing but a WAG. See you at VC in an hour.

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