Monday, August 17, 2009

USA Hockey Is Now Going To Try And Censor The Press...

This Should Be A Fun One To Watch...

First Patrick Kane makes this limp statement today:

"Because I put myself in being in the wrong position in the wrong time, I've caused a lot of pain for my family, my hometown of Buffalo, the city of Chicago, the Chicago Blackhawks and obviously the great fans we have here in Chicago. And for that part, I sincerely apologize. Now it's time for me to move forward. I'm excited to get back to the ice and represent the Chicago Blackhawks and the United States Olympic Hockey Team. Thank you."

Then Brian Burke & follows up by telling reporters (compliments of

"After Kane departed, USA Hockey director of communications Dave Fischer attempted to make the scandal off-limits during the three-day camp just outside of Chicago:

"Obviously, throughout the course of the three days, he will be available to the media with the condition that the topic not be anything about that because he can't comment on it, as you understand. Our players cannot comment on it, our management team ... if you'd respect that, you can all appreciate that until the legal proceedings get wrapped up in the near future."

Burke, however, had a few more comments to get in during his turn at the mic, telling the media to ask their questions now because "we're not talking about Patrick Kane after we leave here."
He said the situation hasn't affected his judgment of Kane as a member of the 2010 USA Hockey squad, although he deflected questions that asked him to speculate on Kane's status depending on what a grand jury decides to do with the case.

Burke was steadfast, however, that Kane was a victim of circumstance: "I think it's possible for a young man to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said, adding that "when I was Patrick Kane's age, I did a couple of things I wouldn't want to talk about up here."

Mostly, Burke chastised the media for making the Kane affair into front-page news, although he would couch the comments with claims that he wasn't "trying to scold" them. Which of course he totally was. "

This should be a fun thing to watch particularly during the next three days, no way that at least one reporter doesn't take Burke's statements as a challenge, and I gotta believe there's at least one or two other players who think Kane is a prima donna based on the rumours out of Chicago. So what punishment will USA Hockey and Burke extract out of the guy who says he thinks that stupid, spoiled brats, ought to have to pay for their stupidity with more than a simple apology before the world just forgets their mistakes and moves on....

Your thoughts?

I can't wait till we have some real hockey news to talk about here in DC -


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NovaCath said...

Saw on the Chicago Sun Times (also on ESPN) that is looking like Kane will get a plea deal before the end of the week that will avoid jail time. Interesting timing as the case was supposed to go before a grand jury this week that would have considered the felony charge. Sorry, but if he is pleading to criminal charges (even misdemeanors) then he did something wrong. I don't think USA Hockey should give him a pass, but if he is going to take a plea this week he should NOT be talking to the press before the plea about what happened. But, he should be the one saying No to the press and not being protected by USA Hockey. Kane did this just before the Olympic camp so what on earth was he thinking. Oh right, he wasn't, he was just probably engaging in underage drinking. What a great Olympian he will make.