Friday, July 24, 2009

Late to the News - But Congratulations Johnnie...

As everyone who reads this blog already knows - Brent Johnson signed a 2 year, $2M ($1M per year) contract with Pittsburgh to back up MAF. I hate to see Johnnie go anywhere, and really hate to see him or anybody else go to Pittsburgh. No I don't really hate them - I sportsfan hate the Penguins - I feel they are our rivals - the guys that we got Jagr from and stupidly saddled ourselves with a bad contract from (as opposed to Nyls who we pursued...go figure another 3rd degree of separation from Jagr that is now an issue for the Caps).

In any case Brent Johnson has been a good Capital, he married a local girl and if the Caps had wanted him to stay they could have made that happen, but we have Theo and three good prospects in the pipeline one of which will back him up. I know folks may try and make it like Brent left the Caps but that's not the case, so let's not even think about going there. I liked the guy as a Cap and for a guy who played less than 100 games as a Capital he's been a fan favorite - a guy we all hoped would do well. To me getting a raise after a good season in a contract year that ended in an injury is doing well. Too bad it's playing for a rival. It'll be interesting to see if he moves, Pittsburgh is a pretty cool town and I guess it's between he and his wife's families so there's another positive if you're him.

Good luck next season Johnnie and I hope you do well, I just hope the Caps goalies and players do a little better on any games where we play against you.

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