Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Wonder ...

This AM as I drove into work, as usual I listened to WTOP news radio you know "Traffic and Weather on the 8's" - BTW nice weather today, eh? Anyway I listened to a piece on the opening of Redskins Training Camp - they had advice from a veteran attendee and noted "it's not too late - open workouts will continue apparently for the next week" - bottom lines from this Redskins fanatic - dress in cool clothes, wear comfortable shoes and bring a lawn chair. All told good advice, not at all interesting or appealing to an Eagles fan like me but good advice all the same.

In any case, it made me wonder (or perhaps the right word I'm looking for is "muse") how much coverage and buzz the opening of the Washington Capitals training camp this summer will generate. I'm sure here in the blogsphere they'll be lots, the relative quiet of this summer as regards Caps News certainly has created "pent-up demand here." However, I really wonder, especially given a) the Caps are the one winning team in town now, b) they are the one team in town with two legitimate league leading guys (Ovechkin & Green) on their roster, c) they now have a relatively large following - season ticket waiting list, etc., and d) there was standing room only at numerous development camp events open to the public earlier this month - how much buzz will the Caps generate when the regular roster is back in town and camp opens? Any bets?


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