Thursday, July 9, 2009

Development Camp Roster and Who I Can't Wait To Watch Next Week ...

Well I certainly hope to get out to Kettler some next week I like both the Caps Development Camp Schedule and the announced roster:

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Birthdate 2008-09 Team

22 Brett Flemming D 6’0" 172 2/26/91 Missisauga (OHL)

36 Francois Bouchard RW 6’0" 180 4/26/88 Hershey (AHL)

45 Zach Miskovic D 6’1" 195 5/8/85 St. Lawrence (NCAA)

50 Cody Eakin C 5’11" 176 5/24/91 Swift Current (WHL)

54 Greg Burke LW 6’2" 190 5/1/90 Cedar Rapids (USHL)

59 Joe Finley D 6’7" 240 6/29/87 North Dakota (NCAA)

65 Andrew Glass LW 5’11" 180 7/14/89 Boston University (NCAA)

67 Benjamin Casavant LW 6’1" 213 1/21/91 P.E.I. (QMJHL)

70 Braden Holtby G 6’1" 202 9/16/89 Saskatoon (WHL)

73 Josh Godfrey D 6’1" 202 1/15/88 S. Carolina (ECHL)/Hershey (AHL)

74 John Carlson D 6’2" 218 1/10/90 London (OHL)/Hershey (AHL)

75 Phil DeSimone C 6’0" 195 3/19/87 New Hampshire (NCAA)

76 Garrett Mitchell RW 5’10" 180 9/2/91 Regina (WHL)

77 Jake Hauswirth C 6’5" 210 2/16/89 Omaha (USHL)

78 Patrick Wey D 6’3" 203 3/21/91 Waterloo (USHL)

79 Joel Broda C 6’1" 200 11/24/89 Moose Jaw (WHL)/Calgary (WHL)

80 Dan Dunn G 6’5" 200 6/20/88 St. Cloud State (NCAA)

81 Dmitri Orlov D 6’0" 197 7/23/91 Novokuznetsk (KHL)

84 Stefan Della Rovere LW 5’11" 196 2/25/90 Barrie (OHL)

85 Mathieu Perreault C 5’9" 165 1/5/88 Hershey (AHL)

86 Eric Mestery D 6’5" 196 5/28/90 Tri-City (WHL)/Lethbridge (WHL)

88 Trevor Bruess C 6’0" 192 1/6/86 Minnesota State (NCAA)

93 Dmitry Kugreyshev RW 5’11" 185 1/18/90 Quebec (QMJHL)

94 Anton Gustafsson C 6’2" 194 2/25/90 Bofors IK (Sweden)

Who To Watch/Who You'll Want To See If You Stop By

While all the players on the list should be fun to watch (the Capitals Developmental Pipeline is indeed one of the best in the NHL), the roster has guys who range from "No Brainers/Have to Sees) to "Possible Sleepers Who You May Still See In An NHL Uniform Soon"

No brainers are basically the first round draft picks and names most of the more "well" read hockey fans will know:

1. Anton Gustafsson, the 19 year old Swedish Center and son of Caps great Bengt Gustafsson.

2. Braden Holtby, the other (besides Varlamov and Neuvirth who were at last year's development camp) goaltending prospect.

3. John Carlson, the other (besides Karl Alzner) Caps blue chip defensive prospect.

4. Stefan Della Rovere, the 5'11" winger gained notoriety in last years World Juniors playing for Team Canada and did well at last year's development camp, now at 19 he'll be looking to getting noticed so he can soon earn a spot on the roster in Hershey.

5. Dmtri Orlov, while not a first round pick, he could have been, the 18 year old Russian played in the KHL last year and he has both size and skill. A welcome add to a pipeline that already has several solid prospects at defense. Orlov will be looking to begin earning a spot on the roster at Hershey for this upcoming season and possibly even a few games in DC as a replacement for any injured defensemen.

Possible Sleepers and/or Guys I Just Like So I Want To See Them, and Way I Like Them ...

1. Phil DeSimone, a solid prospect who has played NCAA hockey at a solid program UNH, DeSimone attended last summer's development camp and the two days I watched, he played solidly in scrimmages and worked hard, showing a lot of skill in close to the net and handling the puck. He seemed like a solid citizen who works 110% every minute he's on the ice. I think DeSimone has the potential to someday make the team and I think he would really compliment another guy with a super work ethic and grit already in the lineup - Brooks Laich.

2. Joe Finley, the big bruising defensive prospect who played for the Fighting Souix of North Dakato in the NCAA last season. I like big, bruising defensemen and I think he plays with a combination of skill and grit. I feel over the next two or three seasons he, Carlson and Alzner will all be playing in DC and along with Green will form the core of a really solid blue line corps.

3. Jake Hauswirth, a big tough Center who played in the USHL last season and had a solid season, because well I just like to see guys from the USHL get a chance and do well, besides who's going to take Dave Steckel's place when we can't afford him under the salary cap anyway? Though that won't be for another couple of seasons so the 20 year old 6'5" Hauswirth has a few seasons to polish his skill set before being called upon for that duty.

4. Andrew Glass, perhaps we should just refer to Glass as "Chris Bourque #2" - who wouldn't want another speedy, feisty, Left Wniger with hands and bundle of energy around? Besides take a good look at the size of the defensmen in this Camp and won't watching Glass buzz around the zone be fun during scrimmages?

5. Trevor Breuss, the 6'0", 192# Center led Minnesota State in scoring this past season and he plays with an edge. An edge that has gotten him suspended, but hey, the Caps Coaching Staff is no stranger to young, aggressive, talented, and slightly undisciplined players. Seriously, everything you read about this kid says he just goes out and tries to prove he's the best thing there is, every shift - all out at that. He should be fun to watch, it'll be especially interesting if he and Big Joe Finley are on opposing sides during scrimmages.

Well if that doesn't have your appetite whetted - how about this, it (development camp) is open to the public and it's free; that's right free hockey at Kettler in July. Some people ask why but hey, I'll just be saying why not.


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