Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking Ahead to Tonight's Caps - Leafs Game

Well even though tonight's game is the first of two games over ten days I've got nothing for you sports fans, other than this fans hopes and dreams the Caps win so they can overtake the Devils in the Conference standings. Sorry I'm just too swamped with work today as I'm off to ICx Technologies' Stillwater, OK location tomorrow afternoon. That said I expect tonight's game to be a good one, the Leafs have been playing some good hockey lately and seem to be relishing or at least embracing their role as spoilers - just ask the Canadiens....and the Flames...

In response to some recent chat in the blogsphere I'm putting together some comparative statistics about Tom Poti vs other first tier defensemen in the league. I'm of the opinion Mr. Poti more than earns his money for the Capitals and I want to see if the statistics over this season and last season back me up. I should have that done and post it after I get back from Oklahoma (Where the wind comes a whistling down the plains....)

Till then it's:


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