Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's going on elsewhere in the NHL's Eastern Conference?

While Caps fans are waiting through this six day period that ends tomorrow night and the Caps are busy instantiating Coach Bruce Bodreau's system what's going on elsewhere in the league and in particular the Eastern Conference? The good news when you look at the standings is that five days ago when the Caps started this lull in their schedule they were 7 points behind the NY Islanders for the final playoff spot in the division and as of this morning they are only 8 points back. The tough news is that my analysis of what has to happen with regard to the remainder of the Caps schedule hasn't changed - it's a long road to go even though it hasn't gotten much longer. Since my schedule analysis post on Saturday 12/1 the Islanders have lost twice outright (Atlanta 4-0; Boston 3-1) and once in a shootout (Atlanta 4-3 SO). So if the Islanders had won everything they would be 10 points ahead of the Caps and in a tie with three other teams in the Eastern Conference for third - the Caps would be 9 points out of a playoff spot (the Bruins). But instead here's what the Eastern Conference looks like now:

1) Ottawa Senators 37 points
2) Carolina Hurricanes 33 points
3) Philadelphia Flyers 32 points
4) New York Rangers 32 points
5) New Jersey Devils 32 points
6) Boston Bruins 31 points
7) Montréal Canadiens 30 points
8) New York Islanders 28 points
9) Pittsburgh Penguins 28 points
10) Toronto Maple Leafs 28 points
11) Atlanta Thrashers 27 points
12) Tampa Bay Lightning 26 points
13) Buffalo Sabres 25 points
14) Florida Panthers 25 points
15) Washington Capitals 20 points.

What's this all mean - well I had a longer more in depth correlation to the analysis I posted Saturday but the computer basically ate it and lunch break is almost over for me here at ICx Technologies so I'll summarize. The Caps still need to have an awesome remainder of the seasons; perhaps the only team in the Eastern Conference with as hard a road to travel is Buffalo. Washington's four games vs. the Canadiens are the most important, if any games are more important that just wining them all (simple right). The next most important games are those against teams in the Eastern Conference between them and Montreal in the Conference Standings. So until tommarrow - LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!

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