Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter is here!

Winter is here - that white stuff outside is snow. Okay there's not much hockey news to talk about today. If you've already read other blogs you know Boyd Gordon has a broken hand and many commenters to posts elsewhere still want to speculate about the mystery surrounding the announcement. Me I take it at face value - the mystery to me is how he scored in OT with it - I believe he did (unlike some other commenters to various blogs) just goes to show me he and Chris Clark are cut from the same mold. Tough guys - old time hockey - LETS GO CAPS!!!! The world agrees the ice at VC is the pits. I commented on this a couple of days ago as have others. Something needs to be done. We don't need to be running the Veteran's Stadium of the NHL. Well I can't wait till Friday evening when I'll be able to watch the Caps on the tube. LETS GO CAPS (Oh I said that already). If I can't write anything too erudite, I may as well be brief. More thoughts tomorrow.

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DMG said...

I am oh so envious of you guys and your winter in hit 75 today in Atlanta which is just wrong for December. I haven't seen snow since I was an undergrad in Lake Forest, Illinois!