Saturday, September 25, 2010

Early Saturday Morning Musings & Hockey News ...

Well tonight it's time for another Capitals pre-season away game, and once again no television coverage. Instead of the Capitals - Preds game from Nashville, CSN will air the DC United game so at least it's being pre-empted for something that makes sense. Of course I'm sure the MSN airing of the Western Kentucky - South Florida football game will draw a lot more viewers than the Caps game would have too (NOT) so it's totally obvious to me why none of the local Cable guys want to air the Capitals pre-season games. I mean after all it's not like the regular season games have been good business for them...

Caps News Items Today:

Not a thing so far, wonder what time the flight to Nashville leaves, nothing on twitter, nothing in the blogsphere, not a peep or even a tweet yet this AM, I guess I just got up too early.

News from around the league this AM:

From The Sporting News' Nick Kypreos' twitter feed which I found yesterday:

"Nick Boynton had a hearing this afternoon with league and received 1 regular season game suspension over his throat slashing gesture."


"Confirmed NYR Drury out up to 4wks with broken finger suffered during training camp."

Training Camp roster house cleaning is really underway this weekend, today there will be 14 pre-season games and I suspect that by the end of the weekend many teams will be 90+% certain of their rosters. That said there might not be anyplace that is trimming things back as aggressively as the LA Kings did yesterday, shedding 23 players from their training camp. Of course they aren't the only ones, the NJ trimmed 19 players.

I'm not sure but it looks to me like someone hacked in to NHL publicist Kerry McGovern's twitter feed here - either that or she wants to come out of the closet as a total perv ... since 23 hours ago she tweeted: " Starting the day off with some Helmet. #Hardcore Fridays." Either that or she's desperate for followers and traffic....

Well as Porky Pig would often say: "That's ... That's ... That's a..a. all folks!" At least that's all so far today.

Sure wish the Caps were on tonight don't you? Hockey sure looses something on radio for me...


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Cathy W said...

I know people are complaining about the pre-season games not being on TV. I guess we should be thankful that we are not Nashville fans. I looked at the Preds website today and they are having 60 games on TV. They signed a new radio contract and it doesn't start broadcasting any games until Monday. The Preds had a link to a blog for tonight's game for those not going, not even an online stream like the last Caps preseason game and tonight's game is on Am 1500.