Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Been a Week and a Half, So...About Those NHL Playoffs

So about those NHL playoffs, with the Washington Capitals , "my team," out of the playoffs, I confess I haven't been as diligent as I might otherwise have been at watching hockey over the past "few days." Like many others, I had to get over my disappointment, then I had to catch up on things other than hockey since watching the Caps can no longer be my catch-all excuse for procrastinating. Then I ... well then I started watching and following some of the remaining games. To be fair I find the match-ups for this round of the playoffs pretty inter4sting. There are numerous interesting story lines from how the Flyers persist being competitive even though they are plagued with injuries, to "Will Halak and Montreal be able to put together another four games in the next seven against the Pens like he did against the Caps?" to "Will this year be San Jose's year?" to "Just how good are the Blackhawks anyway?"... like I said lots of interesting stories to follow.

All that said let's review and catch-up on our musings. Here's where things stand, from my perspective this Monday Morning on May 10th.....

San Jose vs. Detroit - It's over for Detroit and like I said, we are left to wonder ... "Is this San Jose's year?" Certainly, except for Game 4, San Jose made a statement and controlled the series. Now the Sharks have to wait and see if Chicago can finish off Vancouver, or if BobbyLou and the Canucks can pull off a comeback like the Habs did against the Caps.

Vancouver vs. Chicago - This is one, that in my opinion could go either way. For the Blackhawks to win, in my opinion, they need Niemmi to have a very solid game in one of the next two, preferably now in game six, since if it goes seven games, as we Caps fans know well, anything can happen. I wouldn't bet against either team in this series, just too much talent on the ice for both teams. I think it'll probably go seven games and on that score, the Sharks have to be happy since it gives them even more to watch and study about both prospective next opponents.

Boston - Philadelphia - Watching this one is a real heart breaker for us Caps fans, eh? Boston leads 3-1 and once again you have to believe that Boston will finish this one out before the end of game 6. As long as Boston keeps scoring 3 or more goals per game (which they have in all 4 games so far) you have to believe the Bruins will win. The boys from beantown almost came back and won it on Saturday. Will the Flyers hang on again on Wednesday evening in Boston or will the Eastern Conference match ups be all settled at the end of the Penguins - Canadiens game 7?

Speaking of which Pittsburgh vs. Montreal - The 8th seeded Habs are once again proving tough for a supposedly much better team to beat 4 out of 7 times. Like the Caps - Canadiens series, the Penguins - Canadiens series is proving to be some excellent ice hockey to watch. The Penguins lead the series 3-2 with Game 6 tonight in Montreal. If the Habs win, that will force a game 7 in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Each team has already proved they can win on the opponents home ice and other than the game 1 6-3 Penguins victory, against a Canadiens team that had no rest after their game 7 win over the Capitals, the games have been close and hard fought. Expect the same the tonight, and if necessary in game 7. Right now I'm betting this goes 7 games. As a Caps fan, I'm also rooting for the Canadiens. LETS GO HABS!!!

In the West, I think I'm already on record, but I'm rooting for San Jose..... I'm also rooting for SEPTEMBER!!! How about y'all?

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