Friday, April 2, 2010

Colby Armstrong Suspended For Two Games

Per a post on "...the Thrashers will be without Colby Armstrong for the next two games as he was just suspended for using his elbow to hit Mathieu Perreault's head in Thursday's game. Armstrong will miss Saturday's game in Pittsburgh and Tuesday's game back home against New Jersey."

I'd really like to see the Thrashers make the playoffs, but from my perspective, this is the totally right call, and the suspension duration is also correct.

I chose not to make a big deal about this earlier as I suspected that this would be one instance where I would agree with Colin Campbell's actions. I don't think it was a heinous crime, Armstrong was relatively square to Perreault when he delivered the hit, I just think the rule needs to be interpreted and applied as consistently applied as possible. As BB said after the game - an elbow to the head is an elbow to the head. Every player needs to now understand just as it's their responsibility to always keep their stick in control and below their shoulder, it's also their responsibility to keep their arms into their body and to avoid targeted contact, or any chance of perception thereof, to the head of someone they are hitting. Whatever you may feel when you watch the numerous videos of this incident available on the web, in this instance Colby Armstrong did not do that.

Since my statement is in no way what the current or even the proposed rule reads, let the debates and name calling begin. I say that for two reasons - one to make clear this is just one man's opinion and two to illicit your thoughts on the whole situation/event.

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