Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And So It Begins ... The Quickening ... In The End There Can Be Only One

Ah yes tonight the playoffs begin around the North American Continent. In nearby Pittsburgh, the last season's worth of ice hockey to be played at Mellon Arena - the venerable "Igloo" built in 1961, Captain Fantastick and his band of merry men in "flightless bird" tights face off against the Brown Dirt Legislators from the Capital City of the Great White North, at 7:00 PM EDT. In Newark, NJ, just down the road from Tony Soprano's carting company, the "Devils" meet the present day version of the "Broad Street Bullies" at a relatively new arena known simply as "The Rock", with a 7:30PM EDT puck drop. Then at 10:00 PM EDT/8PM MDT the upstart "Desert Dogs" aka Gary's Team (at least for a while longer) take on the perennial playoff contending Flying White Wall Tires from Hockeytown or was that the violent crime capital of Michigan, not sure which. The evening's last, first game of an NHL playoff series then starts a half hour later at 10:30PM EDT/7:30PM PDT out in Silicone (yes I know it's usually Silicon but read and think about the whole sentence..." Valley where the San Jose Cougar's Husbands meet the take on the Winter Storm Related Natural Disasters from "Where the Columbines Grow" at Carly Fiorina Memorial Arena.

Amazingly who do you think looks lighter in their loafers - Elton John on the cover of this album or "Sidney" with a playoff "beard", and IMO you are welcome to take that any way you want....

All in all it should be a fun night to watch ice hockey and get in the mood for the first game of the Caps - Canadiens series here at Verizon Center tomorrow evening.


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