Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Hockey: Men's - USA vs. Canada Redeux For The Gold; Women's - You Can't Be Serious That A Few Beers and Cigars Are An Issue

Before getting into today's short blog, I just want to say my personal thoughts and prayers today are with those affected by the huge earthquake in Chile earlier this morning and with those around the Pacific regions who now may be affected by Tsunamis.

On a lighter note and as regards 2010 Olympics Hockey ... For the men's side it looks like it's a rerun, or at least we Americans hope it'll be a rerun of USA Vs. Canada prelim in the Gold Medal game for men's ice hockey. In the first semi-final game Team USA came out fast and had a 6-0 lead at the end of the first period, then held on for a 6-1 victory over Finland to advance easily. In the second game Team Canada held on through an attempted comeback by Slovakia for a 3-2 win to set up the rematch for the Gold. To be fair the Canadians held the edge and despite being in a close game, pretty much controlled things through the first two periods. Then the Slovaks scored two goals early in the third period and turned a good game into a great game to watch, though a nail-biter for Team Canada fans. So the Bronze Medal game is between Finland, who some MSM reports say is embarrassed by their loss to the USA and Slovakia who now has to feel if they had only turned things around 10 minutes earlier in the game they might be playing for Gold. In the Gold Medal game, it's a rematch between USA and Canada and it ought to be a really great game. Who knows what will happen in these two games except I'm pretty sure of one thing for all four teams - they will all be motivated to leave it all out on the ice.

Over in the world of Women's Ice Hockey the big story is ... wait for it ... was the celebration by the Canadian Women improper or non - Olympic like. Are you serious? Look at the pictures - there was pretty much no one around. They went out and took a few pictures, smoked a few cigars and had a couple of beers or glasses of champagne. The furor and up-roar is ridiculous in my opinion. If it was the men it wouldn't even get mentioned. There is nothing in these pictures that speaks to any untoward behaviour, and the controversy about an 18 year old having a beer after winning a Gold Medal since she's under the legal drinking age in British Columbia ... that's at least a little bizarre to me. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinions but that's mine on this non-event, what about yours?


MoniMaz said...

Hi Mark!

Love your post but if you sit in my section (114)you will find all the super-inebriated folks. Still don't understand why people pay $100+ for a ticket just to get drunk and NOT watch the game.

Are you on Twitter? Should be. You have a lot to say.

@MoniMaz - a huge not-bandwagon Capsfan

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

@MoniMaz - Thanks! My Tix are in 103 and folks in our section definately seem to be there for the hockey more than anything else...No I haven't found the "joy" of tweeting ... yet ... I've only been blogging for about a year thouugh so who knows...