Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Is Left To Say...It's A Series Now, Our Guys Just Have to Win Three of the Next Four...

"Hey Dude - Why haven't you been blogging much lately?"

"Well, haven't had a lot of original thought or constructive commentary to add to the dialogue, lately, buddy. It's been busy for me and after watching the pond hockey on steroids that was game 1 in person, then watching games 2 & 3 from my perch in Bristow, VA what's left to say?"

Now I'm off to the Bahamas for a fishing trip until next Monday morning...hopefully, the satellite TV will pick up the Caps games but if it doesn't I'll catch the highlights...I can't pass up fishing with college buds for a first round playoff game. So until next Monday, there won't be any blog updates here.


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Anonymous said...

Never ever ever plan fishing trips in april/may/june again. Have fun if you must.