Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caps Down Thrashers 4-2 ...

Well last night was another TWO POINT night for the Capitals as they downed the Thrashers 4-2. I am in Atlanta on business and had a dream of possibly seeing the game however, since I like my "day job" and was involved doing it from 7AM yesterday through 9:00PM, I am sad to say, my dream didn't come to reality. Either way it was nice to get back to my hotel room and turn on ESPN to see the Caps are now within 1 win of: a) a 50 win season, b) clinching 2nd in the Eastern Conference and c) tying their best regular season point total - ever.

Thursday's game against Tampa should be a good one - however, I'll be at Verizon watching the NCAA semi-finals. My buddy Dave & I have adopted Bemidji State, as in - "GO BSU Beavers!" - "The Beaver's are really HOT, eh?" - "You Gotta Love These Beavers, Don'tcha?" Even if they weren't the Cinderella Team of the Frozen Four, you have to admit you'd be tempted to get "behind" the BSU Beavers, wouldn't you with the endless possibilities for smile and winks as well. Seriously though - Go Beavers!!! but I will be checking the out of town scoreboard and really, really thinking -


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