Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disappointment & Anticipation ....

So this afternoon I am of course disappointed that Jose Theodore and the Capitals didn't play well and beat Theo's old team - the Colorado Avalanche last evening. To be sure the Avs played a great game - they perfectly executed their game plan. They pretty much owned the middle of the ice last night. Further when the Caps did try and use the wings, the Avs shut them down - there were few times when even the Great 8, who is clearly used to working in traffic, managed to create any room for himself or "capitalize" on the room his linemates may have had. Finally, when the Caps did get good shots off, Av's goalie Andrew Raycroft had an answer for them and it was "Not Tonight..." So in the end, it was a rare "No Point" night at Verizon Center for the home team. As folks who follow this blog regularly know, I'm not a "Oh well, you can't win them all" kind of guy, so of course I'm disappointed, though I am optimistic about tomorrow afternoon's nationally televised game against the Penguins. That game should be a "barn burner."

Today is our 21st anniversary so in just a second I have to shut down and join my wife to celebrate. That said I just watched Joffery Lupul victimize Marc-Andre Fleury for his 17th goal of the season and the first fight of the game between Riley Cote and Eric Goddard. The Pens will come into the game energize but they will be playing the second half of a "back-to-back," the Caps will be motivated to win and take a 3-0 lead on the regular season series. I'll be there with my friend Pat - "Rockin' the Red" in section 103.

Tomorrow's game should be the Caps eighth sell out in a row. In fact, Washington has sold out every home game since the New Year except the January 13th, Tuesday night game against the Edmonton Oilers, and it's entirely possible that every remaining game this regular season could be a sellout. When I renewed my season tickets this past week, moving seats to anywhere I might want to go other than where I'm already at in the lower bowl was simply not a real option. I was told there was one (1) open seat available in section 103; a group of 3 together in section 102; and a group of 3 as well as an isolated single in section 108. How times have changed in four years, try and tell me Washington, DC isn't a "hockey town". So I might just go to "Open Seat Night" this summer just to take a picture of the fact there are no "Open Seats". The "Frozen Four" should also be awesome too, I can't wait - I have my seat for that fiesta.

See ya at the Phone Booth tomorrow -

LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!

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sleza said...

The fact that Capitals have some problems when playing against "weaker" teams, even if those were playing good in those games, is a little alarming. At least I find it that way. But the thing is that they will probably face one of those teams they should win in the first round