Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caps To Leave Verizon Center for Five Game On A High Note

It's been a four (4) point weekend for "our" Washington Capitals and that will enable the team to leave the friendly confines of Verizon Center where they are 23-10-3 (0.681) so far on the 2011 - 2012 NHL Season. Now they go on the road to Uniondale, NY; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; and Philadelphia, PA before returning to Verizon Center on Friday March 22nd to face the Winnipeg Jets for sixth (6th) and final time this regular season. If the Capitals ever needed to "turn around" their road record this season, they never needed it more than they do these next five games, so it's a good time for them to be leaving DC on a high point and with some solid confidence.

The Capitals are now 6-3-1 in their last 10 games (0.650) and have won their last three games as well as their last two road games. So once again the Capitals have me starting to think they just might make the playoffs. They are now in eighth place in the Eastern Conference and are only one point behind the Florida Panthers for first place in the Southeast Division, though Florida does still have one game in hand. Florida will have that game in hand until they play the Jets on March 3rd in Sunrise. That all means that it's entirely possible the game between the Panthers and the Capitals on March 5th here in DC at Verizon Center could be the most important game of the 2011-2012 NHL Regular Season for both the Capitals and the Panthers.

And so it begins. These next four weeks, these last four weeks of the regular season, well for the Capitals it's like "The Quickening" and they need to behave like Conner MacLeod and not Russell Nash. So to them I say: "Patience, Highlander. You have done well. But it'll take time. You are generations being born and dying. You are at one with all living things. Each man's thoughts and dreams are yours to know. You have power beyond imagination. Use it well, my friend." and if in the end, there can only be one then you know what the answer to this question must be: "If it came down to just us two, would you take my head?"


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