Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Later But Winter Classic Was Awesome!

The Winter Classic - as far as the NHL Season goes it's just like any other two point game and in the end that's probably the bottom line. That said - it's an awesome fan experience as far as Wingman and I are concerned or at least the Winter Classic 2011 was.

I'm late posting and as far as tweeting goes I couldn't get AT&T Data Service while I was at the game so you know the score of the game ended 3-1 Capitals and the Caps came away with two points. You also know the Caps-Pens Series for 2010-2011 is now 1-0-1 Caps. That's nice but as I was reminded by many Penguins fans it's not about this time of year and the Penguins already have 3 Stanley Cups - and the core of this team has one of them. Okay, I get that and so do the Capitals. I'll also say my experience here in Pittsburgh has been great - even when I wasn't with my relatives and was with just ordinary Pittsburghers. However, like any exceptionally large group there''s always going to be some really out of control folks. In our section early in the game a Capitals fan who was out of control needed to be removed and left peaceably when security came over (he was using A lot of profane language and was very loud.) Of course that's nothing compared to the jerks in the section above us who threw beer on us from above after the Caps scored their third goal. I won't say "You Stay Classy - Pittsburgh" because I found the majority of the place to be excellent and the vast majority of people to be Classy. In fact until the beer throwing incident the only guy I felt didn't have good judgement or was a little misguided was the guy in front me in the restroom between the first and second period with a Jagr Sweater. So I'll say to the guys who tossed beer on us - "Real Classy Schmucks - you don't deserve such a good team."

I felt the game was played by both teams - excellently, except Marc-Andre Fluery. Fluery made three really poor decisions tonight, he got away with two of them but one cost the Penguins a goal; a second one should have, IMO as well. I felt the washout of the Ovechkin goal was not a good call - it sure looks like in the replay that Fluery skated into Ovechkin and not vice versa and it all happened because Fluery was out of position. Of course by the time it happened it really didn't matter. Once again the Caps played excellent defensive hockey the last five minutes of the third period.

Anyway, I'll have more tomorrow with some pictures, etc. But let me say as hockey experiences go, this one is absolutely right up there. The last time I had this sort of experience was at the Frozen Four in DC and this was actually better, and the fact it was a two point night made it even better.


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