Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hope - I Have Hope - Despite The Final Score Tonight

So it was a "No Point Night" tonight for the Capitals at Verizon Center. They lost 3-2 in regulation to the Colorado Avalanche. Sure at the end of the season, whenever that occurs this coming spring we aren't likely to remember much about tonight's game. However, it was a good game. The Capitals fought hard - ALL 60 MINUTES. They also played their game plan and for the most part did it well - all four lines. They never got away from the game plan from what I could see, even when they had a few shifts where Colorado made the necessary adjustments and got a little more zone time than we might have liked. So like I saw Matt Hendricks say in his post-game comments: "If we play this way every game we'll win more than we lose." I watched tonight's game and I agree. In fact there were at least two instances where were it not for an amazing save by Craig Anderson the Caps would have won tonight's contest.

So let's start off by saying this - the Capitals lost and that isn't something any of us like to see. However, there was plenty to enjoy and celebrate about tonight's game.

Driving the net. Lot's of Net Presence and driving the net by the Capitals. Lots of solid forechecking AND back-checking. Sure the Caps made a few mistakes and the Avalanche made them pay for it. Finally when you look at the shot chart of the Captials shots on goal tonight you can see they were indeed on the doorstep a lot. So now it's time for some sleep before tomorrow evening rolls around and we get to see if the Caps will play this well against the Rangers.


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