Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Hockey - Oh and Penguins 2 - Flyers 3 in Penguins Home Opener In Their New Arena ...

It's Time ... Yes the NHL 2010-2011 Regular season officially opened earlier today in Europe and then here in North America. Games are still on-going but ... I just want say I'm happy for Flyers "Rookie" - at least NHL Rookie - Goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky was able to notch a W in his debut in Pittsburgh. Bobrovsky played excellently and robbed the Penguins several times tonight, including one masterful save in the third period on Sidney Crosby that made me shake my hand. It's hard to call a 3-2 game a goaltender's duel but this one sure felt like it for most of the evening. Great game to watch and even more fun since the team I was rooting for won.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow's Capital's season opener when they travel to Atlanta -


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