Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Night, Tonight, It's All Good....

Well last night was a two, that's a TWO Point night for the Capitals once again at Verizon Center. Those were points #107 and One-Oh-Gr8, as in a club record 108 regular season points for those of you that might be counting. So as I said, it's all good. Last night was another "never say die" night for the Capitals and it was a very good game to watch. First good thing - no one on either team got hurt, and had they that would have been a shame since the Caps are fighting for the virtually meaningless President's Trophy and the Penguins are fighting for the Atlantic Division Crown which will likely mean the difference between the 2nd and 4th seed in the Eastern Conference First Playoff Round. Certainly worth fighting for, but not worth having a good player injured for. Of course there is that other thing to fight for - Pride and/or bragging rights - and in a rivalry, that is something.

The Caps and Penguins will face each other once more this regular season, and now the Caps have are 3 for 3 in this regular season on the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Of course we all remember last season and last year's playoffs, so how much is that really worth come late April/Early May? Not much - there I said it, and we all should too. Sure rejoice, another victory on the way to that 50 win milestone, it's great! So is playing a solid game and executing on your game plan, that's how you ensure you are ready for the playoff quest that is upcoming. In the end I had three high points in the game,

#1) When Semin scored, right after I said to Jasper, our oldest Tibetan Terrier: "We could really use a shortie, right now." - I have a feeling, given my superstitions, Jasper might be hearing that after every Cap goes to the "Sin Bin" during the playoffs.

#2) When Theo stopped Crosby on the doorstep, stoned him solidly, on a powerplay in the third period keeping the Pens from going up by 2. I said it earlier this week, I'm over my "I hate Crosby, stage, really. I was just psyched that Theo kept the Caps within one, I had a funny feeling, it was "our turn" to hang around all night and come back and win against them. Oh, and there's still that "mancrush" I have going on Theo, too. and

#3a & #3b) Mike Knuble's TWO goals, don't make me pick between them. I can't.

Tied back for fourth would be Ovechkin and Semin's shootout goals. Fifth was watching Fleury slam his stick against the goalpost after Knuble's game winner, even though I suspect that will only fuel MAF's intensity against the Caps in upcoming games. It is a rivalry after all.

Tonight, the Caps take on the Hurricanes and they are playing well, they also match up well against the Caps. Sure the last game was all Caps but I wouldn't count on it this time. Still I see the Caps getting points 109 and 110 tonight, though not by more than a goal or two. I suspect we'll see the Caps have a good night and I also expect we'll see former Cap Brian Pothier have a good game too. Why? I don't know, just a hunch.

Prediction: Caps 4 - Hurricanes 2. Game Winner off of Corvo's Stick and Winning Goaltender: Varlamov.


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